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Month 6 – FEDECOM as...

In this series, FEDECOM partners introduce their institutions, roles, and answer questions about FEDECOM's essence, symbolism, and future vision.

Month 6 – Your Work Package as a superhero...

In this series, FEDECOM leaders outline their goals and and deliverables, and relate the project to a superhero.

Month 18 – General update

Each partner involved in the Fedecom Project provides an update on their respective segment of the project.


Test your knowledge and enhance your understanding of advanced technologies and decentralized energy systems in federated communities.

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QUIZ 1 – Infrastructure Operators

Assess your understanding of blockchain integration and decentralized energy systems in grid management.

QUIZ 1 – Infrastructure Operators
QUIZ 2 – Governance Entities

Explore the roles and benefits of participating in federated energy communities, focusing on regulations and local initiatives.

QUIZ 2 – Governance Entities
QUIZ 3 – Service Providers
QUIZ 3 – Service Providers

Evaluate your expertise in optimizing energy consumption, storage, and trading within federated communities.

QUIZ 4 – Supporting Actors
QUIZ 4 – Supporting Actors

Test your knowledge on advancing technology and maintaining energy stability in federated energy communities.

FEDECOM Newsletter #5 – April 2024

18-month milestone treat: a video-enhanced newsletter!

FEDECOM Newsletter #4 – March 2024

FEDECOM project Webinar’s special issue – EM-Power Europe 2024 – 9th April 2024

FEDECOM Newsletter #3 – October 2023

FEDECOM project – FEDErated “system of systems” approach for flexible and interoperable energy COMmunities completed its first of four years on October 4th, 2023.

FEDECOM Newsletter #2 Sustainable Places – June 2023

FEDECOM will participate in the 11th annual edition of theSustainable Places Conference (SP2023) a hybrid event whichwill take place from 14th to 16th June 2023, with the in-personsessions to be hosted in Madrid, Spain. This conferencefeatures topics that are shaping how we think about cities andthe built environment and gathers multidisciplinary expertsaround many on-going EU research collaborations to create
market opportunities.

FEDECOM Newsletter #1 – March 2023

We are delighted to share with you the first newsletter of our FEDECOM project – FEDErated “system of systems” approach for flexible and interoperable energy COMmunities. A Horizon Europe project, coordinated by Veolia, kicked-off on October 4th, 2022 involving 17 European partners from 7 countries.

FEDECOM Deliverables

Find all deliverables related to the project’s progress on our Zenodo Repository.

FEDECOM Press Release #1

The new Horizon Europe project FEDECOM (FEDErated “system of systems” approach for flexible and interoperable energy COMmunities), coordinated by Veolia, started in October 2022 and involves 17 partners. This 48-month project focuses on the implementation of integrated local energy systems through sector coupling and cross-energy vector integration. FEDECOM will provide a scalable and adaptable cloudbased platform consisting of analysis, modelling, and optimisation services for the planning, monitoring and control of integrated local energy systems.


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