FEDECOM is developing the technical and business ecosystem to demonstrate the advantages of energy sector coupling across European energy communities. Integrating the local energy systems across the federation of communities will bring economic benefits, improve grid stability and reliability, as well as reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Inverter Integrations

Our approach

FEDECOM aims to create and validate a solution bridging across technical, social and market impact:

  • Technical innovation: Integration of existing and emerging information and communication tools.

  • Boundary conditions: Overcoming socio-economic and policy barriers.

  • Business innovation: Innovative business models ready for large-scale replication.



Scientific & Environmental

Increased capacity

of the system

to integrate renewable energy sources with improved transmission and distribution capacity.


Increased resilience of the energy system

maintaining stability under diverse operation conditions.

Social & economic

Enable data-driven energy services to facilitate customer engagement

in the energy transition and participation in local energy markets, through self-consumption, demand response, peer-to-peer trading, or joint investments in renewables.

Technical & economic

Foster innovative services and business models

based on interoperability, increased data availability and exchange in European energy markets.

The Consortium

FEDECOM consortium involves 17 European partners from 7 countries. This partnership was assembled around the three large scale project pilots in Spain, Switzerland and Benelux region and involve all relevant stakeholders needed for the design, implementation and evaluation of FEDECOM solution: service providers, grid operators and final consumers.
The expertise and knowledge on energy systems innovation brought by the 6 Universities and Research Centers (Fraunhofer, Tekniker (TEK), Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), SUPSI, Institut Mihajlo Pupin (IMP), Heriot Watt University (HWU)) accompanied with the market vision of the technology providers (Grid Singularity (GSY), iLECO, ENBRO, Hive Power (HPOW)), and the sound experience in the energy market of large industries and local Distribution system operators (DSOs) (Iberdrola, and AEM) and the contribution of the energy service companies (ESCO) (Giroa Veolia (VEO)) as well as the targeted users (Ur Beroa (URB)) represent the strength of the FEDECOM consortium, the results of which will be diffused in Europe by dissemination experts and specialized stakeholders: SME active in innovation management Research to Market Solution (R2M), international NGO (ENERGIES 2050) and business association (Smart Energy Europe (SEN)).

Inverter Integrations

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