FEDECOM will participate in the 1st Technical Workshop organised by the SENERGY NETS project which is another Horizon Europe project working on related topics (https://senergynets.eu/).

This workshop entitled “Unlocking Energy Innovation: market flexibility & decarbonisation of energy networks” will be held online and in Milano, the 28th of September 2023 at 10.00 am CET.

The topic will be to discuss the requirements and parameters for achieving decarbonisation of the energy sector by modifying the heating and cooling demand, flexibility of the electricity system through optimisation of the DHC system and providing flexibility to DSOs. FEDECOM will share insights on energy communities and the cloud-based platform that the project will develop.

This platform will allow citizens to participate in energy communities and better optimize use of local renewable generation and storage assets. To be involved in this exciting event, you are welcome to register at: https://senergynets.eu/senergy-events/1st-technical-workshop/

Register to the event: