The FEDECOM Project recently led a 3-hour energy communities workshop on at the 11th annual edition of the Sustainable Places conference (SP2023) held from 14th to 16th June 2023 both online and in Madrid, Spain. The workshop was chaired by Zia Lennard from partner R2M France who is the Exploitation and Innovation Manager of the project, it was entitled “Energy Communities Track Part 1: Technologies, Services and Regulations” and it took place on Thursday, 15th June from 9:00h – 12:30h. Presentations were delivered by the following 9 EU projects: FEDECOM, POCITYF, REACT, DE-RISK, BECKON, CREATORS, MASTERPIECE and LocalRES. Fruitful discussions amongst the presenters and both the in-person and online audiences involved topics related to sector coupling, local energy systems, prosumers, and demand response (among others).

FEDECOM’s speaker was Aurelien Degrave from Aug.e (Augmented Energy) who uses their novel software platform to control and manage all the energy flows in buildings. Aurelien’s presentation related to the emobility solutions they are developing for the project, specifically the focus on renewable energy and energy storage of the excess production (first locally); the retrieval of power when needed (outside of production times); the sharing of excess energy production cross border to other sites (sites that are producing more than consumption to sites that consume more than production); the shifting of recharges from car batteries during production times; and the usage of car batteries as storage but also on production (V2G) to deliver shifted production. Challenges with EV charging (V1G), and a V2G example of electrical prices were also presented in the context of FEDECOM.

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