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Behind FEDECOM development, read the scientific publication by UCL, FEDECOM partner: “Energyscope Pathway: An Open-Source Model to Optimise the Energy Transition Pathways of a Regional Whole-Energy System”

By developing features for Fedecom, colleagues from UCL (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium), have published, 19th December 2023, a methodology paper about how to optimises the investments over a 30 years transition period while accounting for hourly resolution. The 48 pages scientific publication is available on the ResearchGate Web portal.

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Read the article published by Grid Singularity, FEDECOM’s partner: A Vision of a Decentralised Energy Market for Germany in 2030 on MEDIUM website

The German energy agency has just published a large study that Grid Singularity has conducted with Fraunhofer Institute on “Vision of a Decentralised Energy Market for Germany in 2030”. Key results including FEDECOM project perspective have been presented in an article available on Medium website.

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A FEDECOM article on “European Energy Communities: Sector Coupling, Flexibility, and Operational Perspectives” has been published in the Build Up portal.

The article « European Energy Communities: Sector Coupling, Flexibility, and Operational Perspectives » has been published on the 24th of October on the Build Up portal. This article explores the growth of European Energy Communities and emphasizes their role in reducing grid dependency and promoting renewable energy...

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FEDECOM will present energy communities concept and opportunities in a webinar dedicated to African countries

FEDECOM project has been invited to participate in a webinar to present key elements on energy communities and the project approach to support federation of energy communities. This event in French is co-organized by the Réseau Climat & Développement (RC&D), ENERGIES 2050 (member of the FEDECOM consortium) and ENDA Energie and will take place on Monday October 16, 2023 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. GMT. The Theme is “Achieving a Just Energy Transition: Myths & realities and challenges for Africa”.

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